Yes, the 2GIG GC3 wireless security system can support up to 10 image sensors as long as they meet the criteria below:

LP Image Sensor models 

LP Image Sensor models include: ADC-IS-100-LP, ADC-IS-200-LP, ADC-IS-221 LP, and ADC-IS-300-LP. 

  •  The ADC-IS-100-LP has a silver label. 
  • The ADC-IS-200-LP and  ADC-IS-221 LP have an orange label. 

Note: Image Sensor models ADC-IS-200-IQ and ADC-IS-221-IQ have the same compatibility as the ADC-IS-200-LP and  ADC-IS-221 LP. 

System compatibility for LP models 

The following tables outlines the panel or module requirements with LP Image Sensor models:

  • 2GIG Panel version of atleast 3.0.1+.
  • The 2GIG XCVR3 Transceiver Adapter for the Image Sensor must be installed in the panel.

Note: 2GIG may refer to the Image Sensors as 2GIG-IMAGE2 or IMAGE3.