Here you will learn what features work with your particular brand smart phone. works with 4 brands of smart phones at this time. The first is Apple Ios, Android, BlackBerry and Windows smart phones.

Interactive security features

 AndroidiOSBlackBerryWindows Phone
View System Status
Remotely Arm/Disarm
View Event History
*Silent Arming
*No Entry Delay
Remotely Bypass Sensors

*Compatibility varies by security panel. For more information, see each panel's App Features guide in Panels.


Turn On/Off
Adjust Dimmer Level
 AndroidiOSBlackBerryWindows Phone


View Current Temp
View/Change Thermostat Mode
View/Change Target Temp

Control Multiple Thermostats (swipe left or right)

Fan Control
 AndroidiOSBlackBerryWindows Phone


Remotely Lock/Unlock Doors (if supported by lock)
View Door Lock/Unlock/Access Events
 AndroidiOSBlackBerryWindows Phone

Garage Door Control

View GDO Status
Remotely Open/Close GDO
 AndroidiOSBlackBerryWindows Phone

Image Sensor

View Image Gallery
Upload Additional Captured Images
Peek-in On-Demand (must have IS Plus for service plan)
View Motion Activity & Image Capture History
Delete Images
 AndroidiOSBlackBerryWindows Phone

Video Monitoring

View Live Video

Note: Not compatible with Doorbell Camera live view.

Control Pan/Tilt & Presets for Live View
View Saved Clips
Rename/Delete Saved Video Clips
Change Live Video Quality
Pause/Resume Video Recording Rules
View SVR Timeline
 AndroidiOSBlackBerryWindows Phone

Additional features

Push Notifications
Custom Push Notifications Sound
Passcode Access/Fingerprint/Touch ID
Manage Notifications
App Tour
Review this App
Login Help on App
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