Here you will learn how you can get Business Alarm Monitoring Services.

The first way end-users can obtain monitoring services via services is to have an existing compatible security system.  In many cases, yes. is compatible with security systems made by DSC, Honeywell , Interlogix, Qolsys and 2GIG. Many older systems can also be upgraded. Learn if you have a compatible Security System.

The second way is if you either don't have any existing security system or the system you have isn't compatible with services at all. If this is the case you will need to select a newsystem from all compatible security systems. Commercial Monitoring is the only connected security solution that lets business owners manage intrusion, video surveillance, access, and energy for multiple locations, from one easy app. keeps your business, employees, and inventory secure and protected. Features like Auto-arming and User Codes ensure the system is armed when it should be and help to manage access across multiple locations.

Compatible panels include 2GIG GC2, GC3 and Vario; DSC Impassa, Touch and PowerSeries Neo; Interlogix Concord, NetworX, XT, XTi and XTi-5; and Qolsys IQ and IQ2 panels. for Business customers can:

  • Know when business locations open and close
  • Schedule arming and lighting to keep businesses safe and well lit
  • Quickly and remotely address false alarms
  • Get data that will help impact business decisions
  • Easily manage employee access and remove User Codes for terminated employees
  • Manage multiple locations on one account
  • Control smart thermostats automatically for increased energy savings

Business Insights

The robust platform provides the critical information needed to help run your customer’s business more efficiently.

Business insights deliver actionable data to help your customers make smarter decisions around staffing, energy use and more—all across several locations.

  • Know the busiest hours of business
  • Maximize staffing efficiency
  • See whether the business is regularly opening on time
  • Receive notifications if employees are arriving late or leaving early

Video solutions for business

With a range of commercial-grade cameras, you can flexibly address the monitoring needs of business properties. Owners can view live streaming video from anywhere and receive instant video alerts on important activity. On-site and cloud-recording ensure your customers’ video feeds are secure and tamper-proof.

Smarter Access Control

This fully integrated solution allows your customers to control, track and manage access to their properties. With powerful user management software, remote door control, and scan-to-add card serial detection, your customers can easily manage a wide range of access control and intrusion setups.

Business energy management helps your customers reduce energy waste and enhance liability control. Customers can remotely control temperature settings and will know instantly if someone has adjusted the thermostat. Lighting schedules keep businesses safe and well lit, reducing liability and risk. FAQ's