This video will show you how to reset the installer code on the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system. To do this you are going to power down your Honeywell L5210 system by unplugging the 300-04705 along with the alarm backup battery. Once this is completed power your system back up by plugging back in your 300-04705 transformer and your alarm backup battery. The Honeywell L5210 will begin its booting process with a white screen once you get to the standby screen hold the push home button for 3 seconds, select security, arm stay, clear 00, program, installer code, clear, input the 4 digit code of your choice, done, return button, select yes to allow yourself back into programming. 

The installer code will need to be reset in certain circumstances whether you have forgotten your current installer code or if you have locked yourself out of programming by selecting no when exiting the programming menu. Having the Honeywell LYNX Touch installer code is vital in operating your security system. The installer code is the single most important code to have with your LYNX Touch security system. The installer code is used when you are trying to access the Honeywell L5210 programming guide. This programming guide is where you program wireless sensors into your alarm system. The installer code is also necessary if you are attempting to change the master code on your Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system. The default installer code for the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system is 4112.

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