We are going to show you how to install the Alarm.com cellular communicator into the Interlogix Concord 4 hybrid security system. Keep in mind this installation process will be exactly the same for the Alarm.com AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Verizon LTE Concord 4 Alarm.com cellular communicators listed above. The only difference between these communicators is which cellular towers your alarm signals will run through. Make sure to select the communicator that gives you the best cellular signal strength.

Power down the system and unplug the backup battery before attempting this.

The first thing you will want to do is to open the package the communicator comes in and removes all of the contents. Inside you should find the cellular communicator, a package with the red power cable to link the cellular communicator to the alarm panel battery, and an instruction manual. Make sure to keep the packaging in resellable condition in the case for whatever reason you need to make a return to GeoArm. Locate
the (600-1053-3-ZWAVE-AT) the clear package with the red power cable, and the 22 gauge by 4 wire.

Once this is all arranged open the cell module by depressing the button at the top of the communicator. After you have exposed the insides of the 600-1053-3-ZWAVE-AT take the antenna which is run through the bottom and you are going to run the wires as shown in figure 2.

Now that you have the antenna run, we are going to focus on wiring the actual cellular module. Take the red wire with the fuse and follow along with figure 3. As shown you will run the red wire through the back and wire it into the terminal labeled 12v the opposite end of this wire will eventually get wired to the positive terminal in the alarm systems backup battery. Next, take the 22 gauge by 4 wires, run that through the back of the cellular module as well. The first wire that will be wired will be the green wire and you will screw that into the terminal labeled A.

Moving on to the next color wire you will want to gather the white wire and screw that into the terminal labeled B. The last wire you are going to work with is the ground wire which is black in color wire that into the terminal labeled GND. Now, that your cell module has been wired up its time to wire the opposite ends into the panel itself. Now that you can see the cellular module all wired up bring this device near the GE Interlogix Concord 4 Hybrid alarm system. Notice that there are several knockouts on the can itself. Select the knockout either under the board run the wires through that knockout and now we will begin wiring to the panel. So as you can see the black wire or ground wire will go into terminal 3 which will also be labeled GND. The green cable is going to get wired into terminal 5 which is also labeled terminal A, and lastly, the white wire will get placed into terminal 6 which is labeled terminal B.

Now, that your Concord 4 security system has the Alarm.com cellular communicator installed directly into the panel you are ready to activate your interactive alarm monitoring services. With Alarm.com interactive alarm monitoring services end users will be able to remotely arm/disarm their system, control z-wave home automation devices, view Alarm.com IP security cameras, View Alarm.com HD Skybell doorbell camera, receive text/email alerts and much more.

You may be asking how can my Concord 4 panel control Z-Wave home automation devices? That is the beauty of installing this cellular communicator because it actually contains the built-in Z-Wave receiver needed to communicate with these Z-Wave automation devices

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