Here you will learn the differences between professional alarm monitoring and DIY alarm monitoring services.

Professional alarm monitoring is where if your alarm system is activated it will be able to send its alarm signals to the GEOARM central alarm monitoring station. Once we receive those alarm signals we will than analyze those zone types and reach out to your emergency contact list that you have provided to us.

 If there is no answer or a wrong password is given, we will than dispatch the authorities to your property for police, fire or medical services. The average time it takes for GEOARM to receive those alarm signals is between 15 and 20 seconds which is one of the quickest in the business.

Most insurance companies require that you select professional monitoring in order to meet their requirements. As soon as your alarm system goes online with GEOARM make sure to fill out the certificate of alarm form located at the bottom of our home page when we received this information when will create authorized certificate of alarm and provide this to your insurance company for proof of alarm monitoring services.

Don't forget when speaking to your insurance company or agent ask them if you qualify for any kind of discounts offered off your monthly premium!

DIY Alarm Monitoring works when your alarm system is activated it will then send notifications to your smart device and/or email you that there was an alarm at your property once you receive these messages it will be up to you to dispatch the proper authority’s. Keep in mind for DIY alarm monitoring to work your alarm system must communicate its signals using an internet or cellular communicator and have the ability to have integrated software such as Honeywell Total connect 2.0 or

DIY alarm monitoring in most cases is not accepted by insurance companies if you have a question on whether you're alarm system is compatible with DIY alarm monitoring or any other questions at all call us 1-877-443-6276 and feel free to reach out to our live chat on our web page

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