Click the link below to locate the ADC-SEM-100-LTE install guide. The system enhancement module (SEM) can be installed into Honeywell Vista-10p, 15p, 20p and 21ip alarm panels that were built from the year 2005+. The SEM module is perfect for DIY and professional installations.

The SEM is intended to be the primary communication path to the central alarm monitoring station. This particular SEM module communicates alarm signals using the 4G LTE network which is via Verizon towers. Once this cellular communicator has been wired up and installed in the Vista panel you unlock features like central station being able to access the panel programming remotely to assist in programming and troubleshooting, remote arm/disarm, viewing of event history, changing of user codes, text/ email notifications on panel status and alarms.

 The ADC-SEM-100-LTE install guide will inform you about needed equipment and tools, as well as a step by step guide to completing the wiring and installation process correctly.

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