Here you will find the ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ (System Enhancement Module) data sheet. The DSC SEM is a cellular communicator with a built-in Z-wave radio intended for use with all DSC Powerseries PC1616, PC 1832 and PC1864 wired security systems that are revision 4.2 and higher and allows for use with interactive alarm monitoring services or DIY monitoring services.

The difference between DIY and pro alarm monitoring services is that with professional that means you want GEOARM to actually monitor your alarm signals and in the event of a triggered alarm we can dispatch your proper authorities. DIY monitoring, on the other hand, is where the end user will monitor signals via text/email notifications and if they receive an alarm notification they will call the police department themselves.

DSC PC1616 Monitoring Options

DSC PC1832 Monitoring Options

DSC PC1864 Monitoring Options